Humor in Our Work as Educators and Leaders

Humor used in the right way is essential in our schools. Be it in the classroom, at a faculty/board/parent meeting, humor can make all the difference in the world in building trust, friendship, and getting a message across.
“The writer Russell Baker notes, ‘When hoping to bag a piece of humor with your net, nothing seems funny. The thing works the other way around. Humor is funny when it sneaks up on you and takes you by surprise.’ ” 
“Further, “if you are able to land a joke in a professional setting, your colleagues are more likely to view you as competent and attribute higher status to you,” according to “Humor is Serious Business,” a July 2017 Stanford Business Journal article by Joel Stein.”
“Research suggests that after age 23, Americans tend to laugh much less and begin to perceive themselves as less funny. To some extent, we all struggle with our ‘humor IQ.’ How can school leaders move the needle on their humor skill set?”  (Click to the article to read more.)


Here is the most viewed TED Talk ever. If you have not viewed it, it is a must to see; if you have viewed it, watch it again. It is inspiring, wise, and Sir Ken Robinson uses humor in so many great ways to get his points across.