Are you thinking about your “next” big adventure?

Our principal at Wylie High, Virdie Montgomery, is pretty great. He is someone who reflects regularly, praises often, and is always up for a good prank. One of my favorite things he shares is his thoughts on Facebook. This was a post of his from this past week that just made me stop and think. Mediums like this make me thankful so that we all can grow and learn from his voice and varied experiences. We should all have someone like that in our lives.

This semester, my superintendent has started an “Achieving Leaders” Facebook group. Its goal is to connect and grow leaders, both inside our district and out. I truly think its the casual conversations, the opportunities to share our stories, where growth can most easily occur. Principals of varying levels have joined us, sharing strategies that are both relational and transformational. It is practical and easy to apply, as a leader or even as a future leader.

If you’re interested in joining our group and learning alongside us, the link to join is here. We had an episode where we asked people to reflect and think about their stories. Virdie was a guest, as well as our Assistant Supt of HR, Mr. Winn.  We asked to reflect and share on their stories…and think towards their ending and what it looks like professionally speaking. Virdie’s answer was powerful…so powerful that I teared up. He then went on to share it on Facebook and with permission, I’ve shared it below.

Living the Dream! I don’t know what your dream is or when your dream formed. All I know is that we are all on the journey to get there. I live the dream each day, live in the present and am consumed by the present. The dream is not something that is always just over the horizon. It is right now. There are times when the journey is at the beginning but that journey is a part of the dream. There are challenges on this journey and there is a path to the dream we all must go down. Today is the most important part of the dream and it happens every single day. I have vivid memories of when I was in elementary school of wanting to be a teacher someday. Everyone who had ever mattered to me outside of family was a teacher. They had influence and power over me. They molded the very way I think and perceive things. I loved them in a way that was revered. They weren’t my friends….they were above that. They made me work.

They pushed me and they encouraged me without even knowing they were doing it. I could feel it. Even if they were disappointed in me I knew and felt that they knew I could do what they were asking. Disappointment is powerful. Truly, if someone is disappointed in you …that means they expected you to do better. If they were never disappointed in you that to me meant they did not think I could get there anyway. We are a product of our past. I never want to disappoint those that matter to me because that is one high expectation and it takes work. I wanted to teach and the journey there was long and it was not easy. I was living the dream even then because again…the journey is a part of the dream. I take pride in the journey that finally got me there and then I found that the dream was just a continuation of that journey began a long time ago.

Today, I ask if you are living the dream? Where are you in the journey and are you enjoying the journey and overcoming the obstacles that limit or hinder the overall dream? Sometimes the dream changes course but the journey continues. I choose to live this dream daily and I never want to disappoint so I give my best. Sometimes my best is not good enough and yet it somehow gives me a reward because as flawed as I am…it is the best I have to give. That is all we can do and for sure all we can expect of those around us …especially kids. If they are giving their best, how can I ask more of them than I can of myself? I want their best and I will love them regardless of the outcome because that is what I need in my own journey. In my mind, this all makes sense …written? I just don’t know…but I am giving my best every single day on this journey and I am blessed to be living the dream that began a long time ago.

Wherever your season of life finds you right now, I hope you’re living your best life.

I hope you’re excited about your present and see it as exciting as your future…that’s what I think Virdie was speaking to. I teared up when he said he couldn’t imagine his future being better than where he was right now. That’s how I want to live…knowing that where I am, personally and professionally, is fulfilling and makes me excited to wake up each day. Once you’ve joined the group, here’s the one I’m talking about, 🙂 

Join us over on “Achieving Leaders”. You’ll learn something each week…and we’ll all grow together!

Thoughtfully, thankfully &

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