To be known or to be impressive? #2020oneword

Twitter is so fun. We have a new-ish pastor. He’s been around now for about a year, but we attend a satellite church, so I’ve actually never met him. We are always entertained and moved through his message though. He also has been fantastic to follow and learn along with through the twitters.  It’s developed a “connection” from afar, and even just that tenuous of one, makes me feel more plugged into his sermons/messages.

While scrolling, I came across this tweet the other day and it made me pause.

Just through a quick read, I thought well that’s silly. Can’t I can be super impressed with people I know? I know some pretty impressive people after all… (coughTroycough)

He, so graciously, responded…and I just can’t stop thinking about how very much of THIS KIND of leader I want to be.

This is why I’m so transparent in my failures and the mistakes I’ve made as a leader. (#thefirstyear, just as a reminder.)

It’s also why I’m so anti “cotton candy leadership”. The notion that our jobs are all about riding tricycles or how giving up our offices is the right & easy thing to do…just kills me. Our jobs are hard! (and amazing and rewarding and filled with the VERY best of lil’people!!) but also, HARD.

Recognizing the multifaceted role that we are charged with…never letting any of those balls drop…being able to be SEEN in the role…means more to me than being impressive. It’s recognizing that sometimes it’s more important to let people see the struggle than just to assume the success. Otherwise its a misrepresentation of the MOST important things we do…change lives.

It means being KNOWN. Sharing the good, the bad, the struggles. Sharing the flaws and the failures…always being real.

And being ok with it.

My word for #2020 is going to be “known”. To be seen for #allthethings, not just the high light reel that is traditionally shared. (Although, let’s be honest, I’m not really that kinda girl anyway. )

Thanks for the nudge, JH! I look forward to ACTUALLY meeting you, 🙂

2020 ready &