How can you make your February FABULOUS for your teachers? #LeadWithAppreciation

We all know by this point February can be a dip in morale for our teams. It’s cold, it’s dreary, spring break still seems like it’s forever away…what if you INTENTIONALLY make this a fun month for your team? Try having Fabulous Fridays in February!

What began as something fun for me to do to brighten our team’s month has not only become a tradition but at this point, five years into my Whitt Wolf world, my teachers are ASKING for Fab Fridays! I can’t tell you how happy that makes me! It’s been 10 years of Fab Fridays y’all. TEN!! Here are five things I’ve learned to help you make sure your Fab Friday’s go off without a hitch!

5 Fab Friday Lessons!

  1. Plan ahead. My *secretary* knew in September to make sure and watch my 461 (discretionary budget code) line because I always do a few “somethings” this month. I started asking our leadership teams earlier in the month what they had enjoyed in the past or wanted me to make sure and include. We’ve got ours nailed down, added to a calendar and handed out.
  2. Mix it up! I added *more* this year but balanced free things with things I could purchase or do. They love free time, they love the warm-up days…it doesn’t have to be expensive to show your team you’re grateful for what they do!
  3. KNOW your people! We talk a lot about the value in knowing your team in Lead with Appreciation: Fostering a Culture of Gratitude. I have friends who are gluten-free, friends who are vegetarians, friends who don’t eat like a teenage boy as I do. 🙂  We don’t want them to look at these activities as things that they don’t get to participate in, everyone should get excited about Fridays in February!
  4. Leverage your people! I have mommas who love to bake, who love to help, who love to cut and hand out. I make sure I include them this month as well. From finding and cutting out my celebrity couples to donations for that delicious baked treat…I take advantage of this incredible community. Y’all, I managed to ruin not one, but two, dinners this week (it’s just not my gift.) but ya know what? I don’t have to do all of this by myself! The goal isn’t for you to walk away even more tired or despondent because of all that you’ve added to your own personal plate.
  5. Keep it simple! You literally can do one big thing this month…or tons of little things. Do all the free things. Simply cancel a meeting. Remove an expectation. Let them leave early. So many options! If you’re looking for MORE ideas, you can find some of our past years’ plans here, here or here!

Are fabulous Fridays in February already here, and to close for you to handle all this thinking and creating? What about Mondays in March or even a “you’re awesome” in April can also work! The main goal is to remind your teachers that you see them working hard, keeping their students at the forefront of what they do and that you just want to, yep, you guessed it, lead with appreciation!

Fabulously &

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