When little things send a big message… #QuoteOfTheDay

One of my favorite spots in our halls is right in the front entryway. Our building is laid out so that every wing of classrooms branches out off of a long main hall, so to get to where you want to be, you’ll walk right by our “Quote of the Day” spot on the wall.

Each week a different teacher creates a “quote” poster that hangs for all to see. Think anchor chart… of inspiration! I have zero artistic ability, but something about my Wolves, they are incredibly willing to put themselves out there and make it happen, every time I ask.

We used a Silhouette to cut out the “Keep the Quote” part and use chart paper on a rope to roll down each week. (less than $20 bucks, tops!) When a teacher creates the new quote, they get to keep the one from the week before. One of my favorite things is seeing those older quotes hanging outside their door or in their rooms.

Sometimes, when you don’t even have words, just feelings? That’s even more amazing.

My husband tells me all the time that I am very “simplistic”, (which is a different eye-roll worthy conversation in itself) but I know he means that because I allow myself to get so emotionally invested in words…in books or insanely meaningful twitter posts that make me cry…instead of having a staunch stoicism of evaluating whether any of it ACTUALLY matters in life. I’m the girl whose headache goes away when she takes Tylenol, because duh, that’s what it’s supposed to do. When I read something uplifting or encouraging? It brightens my mindset and outlook. It pushes me on. Simplistic or not…it works.

Within our halls, our goal is to encourage and motivate our wolves…from the moment they walk in, till the moment they walk out. The detail of what is hanging in our halls is a part of that.

That’s what these quotes are all about. Encouragement. Motivation. A reminder that words matter.

Use your words for good today.

Quotingly and

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