Favorite fonts & where to find them…

It’s no secret that I love a good font. When I taught technology classes back in the day I always started with the caveat that secondary people loved my classes for their content, but my elementary people loved me for my fonts and clip art. #both

Anywho. Back to fonts! I’ve been asked to share where I find my fonts and how I go about creating images that we share as a campus. These are a few of my favorite font designers that are well known and sell their bundles on TPT. A couple of these I have chosen to buy the bundle, which means you get all the fonts that were released AND any that they release in the future.


My fave fonties:

APL Fonts bundle 

All the volumes are also listed below the bundle info if you just want to get a couple of volumes! (I like Volume 4 in particular, b/c I use those on crafty crafts as well, and those lend themselves well to my Silhouette.)

Babbling Abby

Individual volumes are listed out below her package info. She has some really good cursive ones, to mix and match with a bolder blocky font.

Amy Grosbeck Fonts

Looking for free and fabulous fonts?

Kimberly Geswein

It would be easy to start with these two and see how proficient you can get on mixing and matching before you start buying collections. Once you start, it’s hard to stop!

I’m a fan of using PowerPoint to create the images we share and use on campus, but my principal BFF, Melinda Miller has a great post on the apps she uses. Most of my tricks come from the greatness of Jessica Travis and her bloggy blog,  Creating Images and Fun with Fonts.

Happy Fonting!