Valuing on (and off!) campus relationships, while #pandemicprincipaling

Hey there. Remember me?

Goodness, gracious. It’s been a while. Quick update…we’re back at school. All my staff. Half my Wolves are here, half are doing remote learning.

If you’re interested in what our district is doing, peruse our back to school website when ya have time.

It is beyond amazing to have our students back, in either capacity. While we may have felt the stress and definitely had some decision making fatigue during our inservice days, once the kids walked in the door, everything became secondary to what we do here. Which is love and learn up our Wolves. My people have been…beyond amazing.  We’re at the two week mark and all is well.

That being said…

I feel like I am principal-ing two different schools, at the same time. Having to look at every activity, celebration, shout out through both lenses has been a dualing, pervasive thought each day. From walk-throughs to announcements…I’m doing my best to make sure every Whitt Wolf knows they are a part of the pack.

What we’re doing differently, plus what we’ve always done…

  • Announcements are filmed live on FB, but now done early. Each teacher is now “showing” them at 7:30, and virtual teachers are mirroring their screen to show their at-home learners. Protecting instructional time is always important, but I needed to make sure we were SUPER consistent with these this year.
  • Mailouts each month…in addition to all teachers giving me a celebration to write a postcard home about, we’re sending home a monthly “hey, you!” postcard. Here is our August version, and you can download an editable version here!
  • Everything we do, we do in two versions. One directed to remote learners, one to on-campus learners. From the brag board to calling home with celebration calls, the number I do for one is the number we do for the other.
  • Spirit days, think college tee-shirt days…we post pics of students on campus and invite families to share theirs from home via email or Facebook. We created a google form where parents can send us pics and ask questions weekly as well.
  • Campus communications are obnoxiously loaded with all the details, for all the things. I want them to hear as much as they can about well things are going here, because, at the nine-week mark, Wolves can change their mind and come back.

Last but not least…I created an admin version of a balance checklist. I’ve got a big copy on my desk AND a smaller version in my planner for September. I am determined to model balance and healthy habits for my people. I also shared this with my admin team and fellow principals. As much as we are leaning on each other right now, I feel like we all need the balance! (editable version)

I hope that YOUR start, whether it be in person, or online, has gone as smoothly as ours!

Hanging in there with ya &