Starting over as a leader… and a Thanksgiving staff freebie!

This blog has always been a place of reflection and a sharing of my professional growth and struggles. It started as a tool within my 4th-grade classroom, became a place that exploded with my tech integrationist days, and then where I shared all I learned as a campus leader. Adding another change to the pile will allow me (and thereby, you!) to share a different perspective and once again, catalog what a different lens in education can teach us.

When I was named principal in 2015, I was very clear in my 3-5 year plan and knew even then that my next step would be off of a single campus. I thought that 3-5 years would allow me enough time to see if I was any good at it, but also, to be able to create systems that were sturdy enough, and grounded enough, that they would last past my tenure. That being said, I had no idea what the next step would be or how it would come about.

2020 though, seemed the perfect year to not only change jobs, but also districts, homes, and my realm of experiences doesn’t it?

Sheesh, y’all. It’s been a month. Bear with me as I document this, if no other reason than to be able to look back on it later and think, oh yeah, that ALL happened, 😉

August 23- made a joke to one of my softball momma friends that we were thinking about listing our house

August 30- started packing (it escalated quickly!)

September 11- House goes on the market

September 16- Hey Amber…there’s a position in Crandall ISD, you should apply!

September 25- Interview. 2 pm: house goes under contract; 3 pm offered the position

September 28- Tell the Wolves. (cry, smile, cry some more)

October 6- Say goodbye to Wylie ISD! Say hello to Crandall ISD!

So now this journey has taken me to this new role, the Director of Technology and Innovation, which seems kinda apropos, doesn’t it? It takes all my techie-ness, all the years of supporting and working with teachers on #ALLTHETHINGS that made my lil’tech heart happy, and combines it with my leadership experiences, and ta-da! A whole new district to support, empower, and engage!

In the same way that I felt my teachers were my “students” in my class, this central office role feels similar.

Acclimate. Listen. Learn. Support. Encourage. Empower.

Learning all new systems, verbiage, all while only seeing 1/3 of people’s faces has made for some fast-paced days, but it has been fun! I look forward to supporting campus leaders (and all y’all!) with ways you can support your staff, but on-campus and virtually…in a pandemic and hopefully, out!

For those who read this far…yay you! Here’s a FUN & FREE Thanksgiving activity you can use with your staff! A turkey hunt! Get creative and let teams decorate their turkey with feathers found in their classrooms or homes if you are virtual!

I’ll still be sharing admin friendly tips, tricks, and of course, make sure I share all the thing that go wrong, 😉 so you can learn from me as we go along!

Here’s hoping this Wednesday finds you thankful!

Gooble GobbleN & oh so