March ideas for your staff and a message for you, leader!

I can’t even mentally process that it’s almost MARCH…it feels like we just tried to do March and it all derailed, right?

Heavens to betsy.

I wanted to share a couple of quick ideas to show your staff that it is fact, March…of 2021, actually! and they are still hanging in there and rocking it! Annnnnnd….so are YOU! It’s hard to realize, introspectively, that I can’t compare my energy, my productivity, my progress the way that I always have…because it’s not like it’s always been. I don’t even mean that just b/c I’m in a new role or b/c I’m in a whole new place.

I mean my inertia, my trajectory, my goal setting…feels pale in comparison to my typical enneagram 3 energy. My Gallup activator-ness is less active. Some days even my woo feels less woo-y.

Guess what?

That’s ok, y’all.

You deserve to be your true self and to feel however you are feeling. Allow your staff the grace to have space to be their true self.  We can’t preach self-care but not change adjust any of our practices and expectations. There’s shouldn’t be anyone who feels behind, after all, there’s only teaching during a pandemic and for us Texas folks, the Snowpocalypse of 2021.

March madness!

Kindness and gratitude!

Use these shamrocks to write a note of affirmation and/or gratitude to a fellow staff member. They already have glue dots for you to hang up, easy peasy! You could also play “hidden shamrocks” for prizes!

March doesn’t “succ” with people like you around!

These come in a group pack for you to be able to give to leadership, grade levels, or your whole staff!

This past year couldn’t have hap-pen-ed without you! 

Who doesn’t love a good excuse to give out FLAIR PENS?? less than $1 per pen, 🙂

I hope this email finds you warm, well, and leading through the fire, my friends!

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