What’s it mean to be new?

This may be the first actual blog I’ve help[fully written since beginning my new job in mid-October.

Here’s a short list of what it looks like to be new, and what to remember.

  1. Be you.
    1. Your passions and your strength are what secured this position for you. Don’t forget that..even when you feel like you are struggling, or like you don’t know what you are doing…you are there for a reason. Let that be your backbone of strength. My new job, this opportunity came about b/c of the passions that I have and b/c I embraced them. Tech? Leadership? I can be both. I can DO both. And here I am. Doing it
  2. Surround yourself with what makes you smile.
    1. Friends. Texts. Snaps. Tweets. When you start over you are going to need people who connect you to what matters and the strength of what you bring to the table.
  3. Recognize, acknowledge, extend.
    1. What do you see? What do you think about? Who can you tell? There are great things happening. Find it. Celebrate it. Find someone to share it with.
  4. Document your journey.
    1. Tweet, blog, journal. Just remember what it feels like to be at the forefront of a new challenge, experience,

Hoping to document what I do and how we do go about doing it as I’ve made this epic change,  just b/c  I know there are people out there, going through a change, wondering how to navigate change for educators. Recruiting EVERYONE in your district, on your campus, in your building is critical for establishing not only any positional changes but also how that reflects incredible opportunities…

Change makeN &