Harnessing the Power and Potential of Social Media to Build Learning Communities #CDNedtech19

I’ve been invited to host a Round Table Breakout Session at the 10th Canadian EdTech Leadership Summit today, titled: “Harnessing the Power and Potential of Social Media to Build Learning Communities.” The invitation was born out of a Podcast I did with conference organizer Robert Martellacci @MindShareLearn, where we discussed my free ebook, Twitter EDU.

You can get the book here:

FREE on Apple, the iTunes version is available here.

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Download the FREE ePub version now from Smashwords: (You might need to open this in your web browser, if you came here via mobile Twitter: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/776978 )

What I’ll share below are resources to support the conversation, and hopefully this can also be a resource to come back to later, after the discussion.

For those interested in tweeting during the discussion, please use both of these hashtags: #CDNedtech19 and #TwitterEDU

Advice from Dave Sands @dhsands: (If you are playing along, follow the people I share tweets from!)

DHSands Twitter Advice

My True Story Of Connectedness about my network being better than Google:

Here is a short link to the video: 2di.me/connectedstory.

Here is a Twitter Moment I shared where I asked, “What’s the best advice that you have to share with someone that’s new to Twitter?”

Best Twitter Advice for Twitter Newbies

Short link: 2di.me/advice

Hardest part of Twitter

“The hardest part of Twitter is that it does not have a friendly entry point.”

What are the challenges of engaging on social media?


Bill Ferriter @plugusin “My goal in social media spaces isn’t to “have a bigger audience.” My goal is to find people who challenge my practice.” (Link to tweet)

What are you looking for from your social media network? 

“Geography used to confine and limit our networks, and now we can connect to people from around the world.”

What excites you about the possibilities of being a networked/connected learner? 

Twitter is a river

“Think of Twitter as a river of information that streams by, not a pool of information that you collect.”

How do you manage the stream of information ‘coming at you’ in today’s digitally connected world? 

See ‘Drinking from the fire hose‘.

drinking from a fire hose

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Additional Twitter Advice