Rays of Light During this Lockdown

We are all feeling it. Our lives have changed with the COVID-19 pandemic. It is our new normal, and thus far, most of us are complying with social distancing, washing our hands more often, and staying on lockdown until further notice, going out only when necessary.

Social media has given me hope that people have taken the pandemic seriously. I’ve seen photos of parents spending quality family time with their children doing things like playing board games, reading books, gardening, cooking, doing art or music or fitness activities. I smile when I see the joy on everyone’s faces. I know it’s early in the lockdown, but hopefully, this family time will become the norm.

Teachers across the nation and the world are using social media to communicate with each other. Just this past weekend, a virtual 808Unconference was held here in Hawaii on Twitter with nearly 100 educators logging on to share, converse, and learn together. They were asking questions and discussing  concerns and were already preparing for virtual learning while they were technically on Spring Break. So many resources have been shared for teachers and students, and many of them are free. There are videos of authors sharing their books, or artists demonstrating a technique or getting students to draw or paint. There are free virtual tours of museums or national parks or places of historical significance. This is a time when teachers can explore and discover new online resources that they can use in their classrooms, not just now, but in the future as well.

Life goes on during this pandemic. Our nephew and his wife had a baby earlier this year, and one positive outcome of this lockdown, according to our nephew, is that he gets to spend more time with his little boy. I am happy for him; new dads don’t always get that opportunity.

Last week, we were supposed to attend a wedding of a dear friend’s grandson. We got the message that the event would be cancelled due to social distancing and crowds of ten or fewer people. Yesterday, my friend posted a photo on Facebook of the newlyweds with their immediate family. I commented that in the future, the happy couple would have quite a story to share with their children about their wedding day. The following picture was then posted:

Isn’t that what life is about? Making memories, having a sense of humor, and sharing special moments with those we love. This pandemic is not over, and we continue to be in lockdown for a few more weeks. I hope we can all remember to look for rays of light and to share those moments with others. Take care, everyone. 😊