Uncertain Times

Well, the coronavirus has certainly had an impact on my husband and me. We cancelled our trip in April to see our son and grandsons; we specifically planned this trip for their Spring Break because we don’t get to see our grandsons much if we travel when they’re in school. I was in ‘mourning’ as I cancelled our flight and our hotel, but as older people, we just couldn’t take the chance. Then my book talk was cancelled as were two events my husband and I had volunteered for. A benefit dinner for my husband’s high school alumni association was cancelled, and we’re waiting to hear about the Party Convention at the end of May.

The 24-7 news about COVID-19 is depressing. Hearing the increase in the number of cases worldwide as well as nationally is alarming. The number of confirmed cases in Hawaii went from two to seven over the weekend, and it’s sure to go up. This coming week is Spring Break for Hawaii schools, and the break will be extended for an additional week. After that, who knows what will happen? There are so many issues that need to be addressed; I am hopeful that decisions will be made that best benefit our students, teachers, and the school communities. There are no easy answers as each school is so different.

Let’s hope things get better quickly. Until then, we’ll be spending more time at home.

Take care, everyone!