I Miss Our Grandsons (and Our Son, too)

When we were told to stay at home during this pandemic, I knew my husband and I would be fine. After all, we are retired so it was a matter of adjusting to the new normal. Two months later, we actually are doing well, walking daily, eating more home-cooked meals, and planning our weekly “events” like going grocery shopping or to the post office.

Our grandsons (ages 12 and 10) are on the mainland, and like the rest of the country, they are doing distance learning. I think they like it because they are not inundated with work and therefore have more time to do things they want to. I’ve been suggesting activities or websites which I thought they might enjoy. They weren’t interested in doing some of them (like the writing prompts) but I notice that they really enjoy the kinds of paper/pencil games that I like. They’re competitive; it must be a family trait.

Today, I sent them the following game and told them to figure out the phrase based on the clues.

They called me back a couple of hours later and except for two, they were able to figure them all out. (They even told me I had made a spelling error on #10.) “Grandma, we have a game for you!” they said and sent me their puzzles:
They were pleased because I couldn’t solve a couple of them and needed hints. (BTW, they made sure to tell me that their Dad did #1, not them.) I was surprised that they thought of those puzzles all by themselves. 
Since it appears that there won’t be a vaccine for COVID-19 anytime soon, we don’t know when we’ll be able to visit our grandsons so I promised to send them more games or puzzles. I guess I’d better get to work! 😊💕