Giving Thanks 2020

When I was a principal, I used Thanksgiving as an opportunity to share my gratitude to our school community. The last time I wrote a Giving Thanks blog post was in 2018, and although this has been a challenging year for most of us because of Covid-19, I realize how lucky I am to be able to celebrate Thanksgiving. That is not the case for the almost 260,000 people in our country who have passed away from Covid-19. 

I am grateful for my family: my husband, Randy, our sons Justin and Jordan, and our grandsons Jace and Jayden. Randy is my best friend, and we still enjoy each other’s company after almost 44 years of marriage. We were unable to travel this year, but fortunately, we can call and text Justin, Jace, and Jayden to keep in touch. Our grandsons are growing up way too quickly, but they don’t mind talking and texting with us. For that, I am grateful; I can’t wait to see them again and give them a big hug. After leaving the Air Force almost two years ago, Jordan is staying with us while he  finishes up his university coursework. We are grateful that he is home where we know he is safe, and he is our go-to person when we are experiencing problems with technology. 

I am grateful for my mom and my siblings. Mom is 93 years old, and we all chip in to make sure she is okay. She still lives by herself but enjoys our company, and  we are fortunate that Mom is healthy and independent. 

I am grateful for good health that allows Randy and me to walk around the community almost every day and to golf a couple times a week. We enjoy each other’s company, the competition, and the fresh air.

I am grateful that people in our community follow the science and wear masks and social distance. Because we are in the at-risk age group, we plan our trips to the store carefully and we notice that everyone seems to be following the mandates. It is nice to know that we live in a respectful community where people care about each other. 

I am grateful for all the medical professionals who work tirelessly to care for the sick including those with Covid-19. They are true heroes. I certainly hope the vaccine is available soon so the number of patients goes down and that the nurses and doctors can get the rest they deserve.

I am grateful that our children have teachers who care about them and are willing to learn new strategies to engage their students via distance learning. I retired as a school principal, and I cannot imagine how challenging this year has been for our educators. Let’s hope they can take what they have learned to improve education in the future.

I am grateful to live in a nation where we have the right to vote and to elect our leaders. I am hopeful that we can resolve the deep division in our country and work together to make our world a better place for our children. 

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?