How to Keep Your Dog Safe When You Are Not at Home

Pets are wonderfully joyous and entertaining additions to the family. They love us unconditionally, comfort us when we are sad, provide company when we are lonely, and also get themselves into trouble when we are not looking. 

Any person who has had a dog knows that these loveable creatures can create oodles of chaos in very short spaces of time. But pets cannot be spoken to and warned as we speak to humans. You cannot tell a pet not to throw around the garbage bin. 

A pet does not understand that it cannot jump on the glass table without getting hurt. Furthermore, we cannot be without pets all the time and we cannot watch what they are doing throughout the day. There are, however, steps that can be taken to protect pets when we are not around.

Do not leave things lying around

According to, dogs will eat everything and anything. They will especially get their paws on foods and items which they certainly not be eating. A dog eating a plastic bag is one of the more prevalent cases which wander into veterinary emergency rooms. 

One of the most effective ways to reduce the frequency of these eating binges is to remove the objects from reach. If you know that your dog is going to be left alone, then take a loop through the house and make sure that there is nothing harmful to them to eat. At, you can find full lists of things dogs should not eat and what to do if they do eat these unwanted ingredients.

Hire help if you need to

Most pet owners will probably not need to hire a pet-sitter for an average workday. A dog can generally be left alone and in peace for a couple of hours without causing too much trouble. It is, however, not a good idea to leave your dog or dogs alone for more than a day

Even if there is a self-feeding device in the corner of the room, dogs will be better off with a pet-sitter if you are planning on leaving for the night. Hiring help will not only keep your pet happy; it will also make sure that they don’t get themselves hurt while you are away.

Make sure the dogs have enough space

Having one dog is fantastic. Having more than one dog is even better, but it does bring a whole lot more responsibility. Even if your pups have been together since they were little, they probably are not above getting into tiffs now and again. 

If you are going to be leaving your dogs alone and you know that they do not always get along, then it is advised to separate them in the house or yard. They should still be close enough that they can keep each other company but not so close that they can get into a fight if the one is annoyed.

Do not leave windows open

Dogs are not able to jump as high or as efficiently as cats, but this does not mean that they do not jump. When leaving your pooch alone in the house, make sure that you close all the windows. The last thing you want is to come home to a missing dog or an injured one, which fumbled the escape attempt.

Try and reduce their boredom

Pets can get bored very easily when they are left alone. When you leave your dog alone, be sure that you have left them with entertainment. This entertainment could either be toys or leaving the TV or radio on. An entertained dog will be less likely to get up to mischief.