Aromatherapy and Your Immune System: What You Need to Know

If the coronavirus pandemic has taught us nothing else, we now know how essential a robust immune system is in the face of opportunistic infections lurking in the air and surfaces we touch. There is growing proof that equipping your immune system to ward off viruses and bacteria is essential when we encounter new and as yet incurable diseases. 

While diet and exercise are integral to the immune system, aromatherapy has also shown itself to be an immune booster.

Your immune system

Giving your body a fighting chance to prevent an infection instead of trying to fight one off should be a priority. This is especially relevant now that broad sectors of the economy and society are reopening. Life must return to some semblance of normal, although this could include exposure to COVID-19, which is why your immune system should be fighting fit.

The body’s immune system works much like an army of soldiers. When a threat is detected, the soldiers are deployed to protect the body from its harmful effects. Once on-site, the soldiers ward off the attack by defending the body while launching a counterattack simultaneously. 

It is a tough job, but when your army is understaffed or ill-equipped, it makes fighting the enemy off even more challenging. Therefore, by keeping your immune system functional, you make sure it can resist any threat.

What aromatherapy does

Aromatherapy is based on the use of essential oils to help the body deal with different conditions. You do not need to be ill to use aromatherapy, according to experts from Kumi, a purveyor of quality essential oils, diffuser jewelry, and healing stone jewelry.

Instead, it is better to use it as a preventative measure to stop a problem before it starts. Therefore, you do not need first to deplete your immune system to need aromatherapy. It is better to get started before you reach that point.

How aromatherapy helps

You can benefit from aromatherapy by using a diffuser in your home or office. As it releases essential oils into the air, it has a purifying effect and limits how many germs you inhale. This is already helping the immune system as it is experiencing less exposure to potentially harmful substances. 

When you cannot use a diffuser, consider a diffuser bracelet, which allows you to carry essential oils around and create your very own immunity bubble. These bracelets are discreet and come in various styles to suit all tastes.

Immune boosting essential oils

Given how many essential oils there are, it is necessary to know which will support your immune system. A consultation with an aromatherapist might provide some clarity as would a little online research.

Lavender, lemon, eucalyptus, peppermint, tea tree, oregano, niaouli, palmarosa, and rosemary are considered among the best immune-boosting essential oils. Each has antibacterial, antiviral, or antifungal properties, making them effective in fighting off attacks on your body. 

Using essential oils

While many essential oils are ideal for diffusing for inhalation, not all work this way. Some are better when ingested, while others are more effective when applied topically. It depends on the oil, what you want it to do, and your personal preference. When ingested or used in topical applications, essential oils should be diluted and used only in small amounts.

Many of the immune-boosting essential oils mentioned before can be taken as soft gel capsules available at any health store. Some are mixed into salves and creams for use on the skin. However, pregnant and breastfeeding women should be careful when using essential oils as some might present a risk to the baby’s health.