How to make the most of distance learning

Distance learning is nothing like the real thing. Instead of the classroom and enjoying the company of fellow students, all you have is a computer screen. Whether it’s due to a snow day or the COVID-19 epidemic, you’ll need to make adjustments to your behavior to make the most of your studying. There are several easy things you can do to accomplish this.

Keep routine

Do your best to keep a daily routine. That means roughly wake up and go to bed at roughly the same time every day. Have some sort of morning routine where you brush your teeth, make your bed, and eat a healthy breakfast. This will reduce anxiety and feelings of isolation, not to mention start you on the right foot for the day. The first few days will be hard but once the body starts acclimating, it’ll become second nature.

Dedicated studying area

You should have an area just for studying. Not only should it be quiet, but there should be a proper amount of lighting and enough room for your books and notes. A table or desk would be good as well as well as a distance learning headset.

Do your best to avoid logging onto online classes from bed. It’s important for the chemistry in your brain to have different areas for sleeping and studying.

Get dressed

It might be tempting to study in your pajamas, but make the effort to get into your everyday wear. In pajamas, you’ll feel sluggish and lazy. Everyday wear will make you more alert and present.

Break from social media

Definitely put away your phone and shut off notifications on your tablets and computer. Getting status updates every five minutes from your friends will destroy your productivity. All that can wait until after you’ve finished studying. This might be harder for some than others, but when was the last time you saw an urgent notification update?

Scheduled breaks

These should be for ten and fifteen minutes between classes. Get away from the computer and move your body. Maybe grab a quick snack or go outside for a few minutes of fresh air.

Nutritious snacks

You can stay energized by eating but choose healthy foods. Potato chips taste great but will just lead to weight grain. Instead, eat foods like seeds, nuts, berries, yogurt, and fish. They’ll keep you sharp and strong. Sugary snacks taste good but will lead to an energy crash. Drink plenty of water. Out of courtesy to your fellow students, avoid eating during class because it will be distracting.


Utilize tools like alarms and calendars. There are apps readily available on your phone. For example, you could dedicate the next half hour to reading a history book. This way, you stay focused and productive. Calendars can be used for scheduling and keeping track of the completion of coursework. There’s nothing worse than forgetting about an exam.

Proper pacing

With everything available online, some students might be tempted to rush their work. This will lead to burnout and will hurt in the long run. Complete the course just like it’s a regular in-person class.

Distance learning is nothing like the real thing. With these tips, you’ll be able to make the most of it.