7 Gadgets to Make Your Home Smarter

Every home, no matter when it was built or bought, can be made smarter than it is with minimal investment. It might be too expensive to rebuild it and refurbish it into a fully smart home. However, if you could add a gadget here, and another one there, you can make great strides toward smartening up your living situation.

It doesn’t even have to cost that much. With discounts and monoprice cashback as options, as well as seasonal sales, getting some smart gadgets to make your home more intelligent is easier than ever. And if you’re not sure where to start, here are a couple of gadgets that will give you some idea.

A Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Cleaning your floors is slowly but surely becoming something people used to do way back in history. There are simply too many different brands of smart vacuum cleaners, floor polishers, robot mops, and whatever else you’d need to take good care of your floors. These gadgets aren’t usually on the cheaper side, but the amount of time and work they save can make them worth the investment.

Smart Plug

Is there anything that doesn’t come with a smart version nowadays? If there is, plugs surely aren’t one of them. A smart plug’s main function is to set when it will work and power your devices and when it won’t. The best thing about it is that you can sometimes program it with virtual assistants such as Alexa.

Smart Thermostat

Being energy-efficient is a great way to reduce bills, but also do a good thing for the environment and lower your overall carbon footprint. Heating and cooling are among the most energy-demanding systems we use in our day-to-day lives, which is why investing in a smart thermostat is such a great idea. After just a little bit of training, it will learn when to set which temperature. Some might even react to you being in the room.

Smart Lightbulbs

What can be so smart about a lightbulb, you might ask? As it turns out, plenty. For one, a smart bulb will let you customize its schedule, making sure it’s on when you need it to be on. You might also be able to customize the type of light it’s emitting. Best of it all, you can do all of that remotely – you can set the lighting in one room while sitting in a completely different room of the house.

Smart Speakers

It could be argued that smart speakers are the gateway gadget into the world of smart devices. Not only do they provide the whole smart home/digital assistant experience, but some of them are starting to become really good speakers in terms of sound quality.

Smart Lock

While it might be true that in some ways we still haven’t strayed away from the days of the deadbolt lock, we did manage to add a smart layer to the purely physical protection of our homes. Smart locks can do a variety of things, like granting access based on a key fob or a virtual key. Might not sound as much, but it is one item fewer you need to remember where you’ve left since all you need is a smartphone to unlock the lock.

Smart Cooking

You can literally enter into a kitchen, pick a random appliance, and then go online and find a smart version of it. Everything from a pan stirrer to a toaster, from air fryer to a scale, and of course from a coffee machine to a thermostat can come with added functionalities that make them smart. If your kitchen is the area where you want to make the smartest improvements, you’ll have no trouble doing so.