How to Make Your Bathroom Safe for Aged Parents

Most modern bathrooms are meant to be aesthetically appealing and functional. However, they tend to be unsafe for the aged and very young. Most bathroom elements are potential dangers because they can trigger slips and falls or are just not practical for users of a certain age. Fortunately, there is always a way to ensure that your parents and other older people can enjoy using your bathroom every time they visit. Below are useful tips when finding a lasting solution for your parents.

Have Grab Bars Installed on the Walls

This is a great solution for seniors whose stability may be compromised when using the bathroom. They can always grab on the wall-mounted bars whenever they feel like they are going to slip. Apart from having anti-slip mats near the shower area, the bars help reinforce the support they need. You can also have these bars mounted near the toilet just if they need to hold on to something when they are standing up.

Have Handheld Showers

The point is to make your bathroom as convenient as possible. Having the showerhead placed so high may interfere with the senior’s comfort, especially if they want to bathe while seated. On the other hand, a hand-held showerhead allows them to finish their business as conveniently as possible.

Use Friendly Bathroom Products

The senior’s skin is just as fragile as a baby’s skin. While your skin can withstand harsh products, the same cannot be said for an older person. Have this in mind, and have safe products for them to use when they come over. Choose soaps, shower gels, and scrubbing sponges that are kind to their skin.

Automatic Night Lights

The seniors may not be as agile as you are. Make sure to install instant night lights to be well covered even when they forget to switch on the lights when visiting the bathroom. The last thing you want is your parent falling because they did not see where they stepped.

Install Safety Frames

These can be placed near the toilet, where the elderly person can hold on to it for extra support when they need to stand up. They can also be used in the bathtub, especially when offering the required help whenever the elderly person needs to stand. These frames will allow your parent to enjoy the comfort of your bathroom without having to worry about their privacy because they can support themselves without needing you to lift them out of a sticky situation. What’s more, most frames are adjustable, meaning they can be used in different instances.

Apply the Anti-slip coating to your Bathroom and Bathtub Floors

You need to discourage potential falls and slips by applying this clear substance. This is a sure way of eliminating any slippery surfaces that can trigger falls. The aged and very young can fall due to imbalance.

With the above tips, any person can make their bathroom area friendly for most aged parents. Invest in the right items to make life easier for your parents whenever they visit. Fortunately, most of the hacks are easy to implement, because they require a few practical adjustments that will not make major changes in your bathroom. After all, the solutions will also work for you as you get older.