The Importance of Social Media for Your Business

The importance of a social media platform for any business cannot be emphasized enough. To some, it may seem daunting, but once you understand that social media marketing is more about creative strategy than it is about getting your products sold, it becomes less of a worry.

It is troubling, however, that almost half of SME’s do not use social media in any form to sell their business or products. Of those that do, only a handful fully understand the benefits of having a strong business social media platform. We look at why it is important to sell your business through a social media platform.

Boost brand loyalty to boost your sales

With millions of products fighting for attention, every marketing manager will tell you that there is superb value in having a social media platform to assist in boosting your brand. Brand loyalty does not happen overnight.

Consumers invest in brands and products that they trust. Trust in the digital era has less to do with your promise to deliver and more to do with the feedback your brand ambassadors are putting out there.

Customers invest in and interact with the brands they enjoy. If you are starting out and need followers, can assist with a cost-effective and quick process to buy Instagram followers to boost your platform and, in turn, boost your sales.

Keep the conversation going

If you can create a conversation around your brand and products with great storylines and fantastic images, your marketing strategy is on par. Engaging with your followers when they post feedback comments on your latest stories or images creates the feeling of dealing with that human touch, the face behind the brand, not just a product or empty machine.

If you regularly monitor your customers’ feedback on your platform, their comments on your products, what they find helpful and what they would change, you will have a guide tool to improve your product and accommodate your customer’s likes and dislikes. This will increase your customer centricity and will have your team focus on product awareness.

Provide customer service to talk about

Your social media platform allows for real-time interaction with your customer, as well as customer feedback. You can now make use of your social media platform to respond to any customer query almost instantly.

To build your brand through meaningful, long-lasting relationships, it is of utmost importance that you gear up in your customer service department. Being able to professionally and speedily connect with your customer to resolve issues or queries will spill over into positive feedback from customers on your social platform. This, in turn, will create a bigger fan base and increase sales.

Leads – creation and follow-through

Any company that has invested in a sales team that takes the time and effort to follow up on consumer queries and inquiries sees the benefit in their bottom line. Your social media platform creates the perfect net to generate copious leads. Every query and comment on a product is a potential sale.

Besides having a lead generating tool in real-time, there are other benefits to using social media as a lead generating tool, such as low cost, efficiency, and effectiveness. If you invest in your follow-up, you will see the net effect in the increased numbers of your sales, which in turn will reflect on your bottom-line.

Give your brand a voice

By giving your brand a voice, you create a human connection. Social media offers your business the opportunity to connect with your customers through images and videos of your products and services.

This creates the feeling of value and a real-time experience and will create a buzz of conversation around your products on your platform. Social media is an excellent way to remind your current customer base and introduce your new and potential customers to your brand values, key product features, staff, and company.