General Medical Care of Your Dog at Home

When man’s best friend is sick, you may see him yawning, drooling, swallowing excessively and lying around in a lethargic manner. Even his perky ears seem to lie flat and his eyes may appear hooded.

He may even be eating some grass and vomiting from worms or from swallowing something like a tooth-pick. He will need to see a vet to rule out something more critical.

Comprehensive guide on caring for a dog 

It can be stressful seeing your furry friend down-and-out. A dog nose is hot and dry when he has a fever and is vomiting. Sometimes it can be useful doing a bit of research and trying to help your 4-legged friend first before whisking him off to the vet.

Our Fit Pets is a wonderfully comprehensive and concise pet website with excellent information on pet nutrition, training, grooming, disease and even emergencies. You will be able to find information and advice on what to do before and until veterinary help can be obtained.

You’ll discover how to ensure your dog is as comfortable as possible and why it is important to go without food and water for a few hours after his last vomiting attack.

Vaccines eliminate life-threatening illnesses

General medical care of your dog at home should always be preventative. Your young dog can succumb to some of the infectious diseases there are and without the necessary vaccines, he can even die.

One of these diseases is Parvo. The virus is very contagious, attacking the gastrointestinal system, causing fever and vomiting. Becoming the owner of a cute, roly-poly puppy requires responsibility, and one of these is ensuring he gets the recommended puppy shots. Your local vet will do this for you and will even explain what each one is for. The vaccines usually start at about eight weeks of age.

Grooming, especially for long-haired dogs

A dog with long hair is often at a disadvantage in terms of skin problems that can’t be seen. An itchy, irritating skin disorder may be caught later than a dog with a short coat. The coat of a long-haired dog may become dull before falling out. This could be indicative of fleas or mites and this is why the hair should be parted to check for parasites.

In fact, a dog’s health can be checked just by inspecting the skin and coat. A skin rash and hair loss can indicate ill health and even hormonal disorders. A rash can be highly irritating and even threaten the vitality of your dog.

If you have a Spaniel, a Golden Retriever or any one of the other beautiful long-haired dog breeds there are, you will need to check the skin regularly. A skin disorder can be caused by a weak immune system and you will need to check your vet for an appropriate diet for your furry friend as he may not be getting enough raw meat and vitamins so essential for warding off disease.

Have your vet’s number on your cell phone

Dog health care is about preventing health problems. Sometimes it can be a good thing to just take your healthy dog to the vet for a physical exam just to make sure you haven’t missed anything at home.

While grooming him, you may well have discovered a new lump that will need to be investigated. Once he reaches seven years of age, you will want to have him at the vet each year as then things such as kidney disease and malignant lymphoma start showing up.

It is wise to be aware of things that can go wrong with your canine friend. Although with good care, it is quite likely that you can have your pet with you for 15 years or more.