Reasons Your Dog is Not Eating Food Happily

Finicky dogs can make the owners wonder why they refuse food and try various strategies to feed them. Most dogs eat with gusto since they are young pups and develop a habit of eating leftover food and spilled scraps.

They get finicky in certain seasons or age due to some natural health or mental related issues. It is wise to closely observe the dog and find out what causes the problem, like non-tasty or bland food and replace it with other healthy brand food.

Health issues or overfeeding

Most dogs get into the habit of receiving treats when they obey or do some gimmicks to please the dog owners. If that is the case, the owners might be overfeeding the dogs on a particular day, making them have a full stomach.

Check for a warm dog nose on to determine if the dog is sick, as a moist dog nose usually indicates he is normal and healthy. If the dog’s nose is warm, check whether he has temperature, ate anything that could not get digested quickly, or has caught some infection like a sinus usually indicated by running rose.

Wild hunting 

Sometimes, puppies and even adult dogs chase and hunt that elusive bird or a mouse and taste it without the owner’s knowledge. Domestic dogs used to pocket food, and human meals might feel full when this happens, leaving no place to eat other food.

It is wise to let the dog free for 13 to 24 hours without forcing them to eat. It is wise to let the dog fast for 13 to 24 hours without forcing them to eat. If they don’t return to normal within that time, check for dental issues like a bone stuck between the teeth and whether they show signs of a bloated belly. Sometimes digestion problems could prevent them from eating normally.


Dogs are sensitive creatures, and they will not eat if there is a fight with their friends, lose someone they love, or get insulted. Dogs usually refuse to eat for days even if they lost their favorite toy or a new pet or baby, attracting the entire family’s attention when they enter the home.

Check whether he lost a dear friend in the pet care, has issues with other pets, or any new guests in the house who do not pay enough attention to them. Dogs show signs of depression by staying alone, not mingling with the family as usual, and not responding to commands.

Refusal to accept a new diet 

Finicky dogs usually do not accept change in their diet and throw tantrums for a day or two. Dog owners change the usual dog diet if their pet gets too obese, undergoes surgery, or catch an infection like fever or running nose. Most dogs refuse to accept the altered diet, which is not as tasty as their usual ones and quit eating.

Never force the already confused and ill dog and let it skip a meal or two, making the dog start accepting the healthy diet automatically. The vets generally advise the dog owners to give lots of liquid to the dogs to keep them hydrated in such situations.

Weather and body cycle

Dogs are just like humans, and they will not be able to eat well on scorching days. Liquid food will suit them best on such days or when they are traveling. Dogs lose their appetite naturally if they are in heat and concentrate only on lovemaking.

Their body cycle will return to normal in a day or two after mating. The dog’s body takes some time to adjust to the new place’s temperature if it is moved across the state or to a new territory much different from the usual climate it lived in earlier.