The 5 Coolest Facts about Beethoven Dog Breed You Must Know of

Saint Bernard is a beautiful, giant dog breed that will adapt quickly to apartment living and love their family like a child. The Saint Bernard dog breed became famous through Hollywood movies and paintings with a keg on their neck.

Gentle giants are the nickname of Saint Bernard dogs because they tend to be much calmer than the other dogs and socialize easily with other dogs and pets in the family. They love being among the crowd with all attention focused on them.

Obedient and easy to train

According to, Saint Bernard is considered one of the easiest breeds to train, as it is in their genes to please people. Beethoven dog breed is their other common name, and they respond eagerly to obedience training. Saint Bernard dogs are loving and obedient creatures who try to please their owners by doing whatever they say.

The dog owners make them participate in the various obedience competitions and proudly parade their loving dogs as champions with their winning medals and trophies.

Saint Bernard dogs are quite big, strong and can give the family necessary protection if strangers threaten them or the kids in the house get attacked. Their massive weight is their plus point, which scares intruders quickly as they fear a fierce attack.

The neck keg 

Saint Bernard dogs appear in most photos with a small keg attached to their neck. Sir Edwin Henry created a painting named ‘Alpine Mastiffs Reanimating a Distressed Traveller’ featuring a Saint Bernard dog wearing a barrel on its neck. This painting became quite famous, and many Saint Bernard owners started to attach small kegs to their giant dog’s collar.

The dogs did not carry a keg or pulled barrels in Switzerland, where they appeared first bred in the monasteries. They pulled carts with essential supplies for travelers crossing the Great St. Bernard Pass between Italy and Switzerland.

Strong rescue dogs 

The homebred Saint Bernard dogs are very amicable and used to lounging indoors for hours. They rescued numerous travelers from marauders in the 1600s as they act on their master’s command precisely. They also serve as rescue dogs in many military camps set in regions with freezing temperatures.

If trained properly, they can pull out people and things buried under the snow effectively. Tales regarding this breed’s valor in spotting dying men and travelers caught under the ice are abundant in Switzerland, the area from where it originated.

Regular grooming 

Saint Bernard dogs shed massively during the spring and fall, owing to their large size and double coat. Most dog owners take them to the groomers early in the season and get them trimmed well to prevent the extra mess in the house. Saint Bernard dogs have such thick coats to resist immense cold weather, and hence, they like staying in a cold environment rather than a hot place.

They prefer air-conditioned rooms and staying close to the chilly windows rather than enjoying the fire’s warmth like some breeds. Most Saint Bernard dogs need regular brushing even after trimming their double coat in the season to avoid matting or braiding of their fur.

The best urban dog 

Saint Bernard dogs are extremely clean and usually healthy, not prone to flea attacks or other drastic health conditions. They are one of the best urban dog breeds because they do not need lots of exercise and love to stay indoors.

They will quickly adapt to staying alone all day in the house without causing any significant mishaps until you return from the office. They eat less than other huge brands like huskies and Alaskan malamutes because they tend to exercise less and get less hungry. They do not require a vast room to move around and get satisfied with simple toys.