How a Dog Can Make the Holiday on Your Countryside Farm More Fun

It has long been said that for every one year a human ages, a dog ages seven years. It is not clear whether this is mathematically or scientifically true, but it does explain why dogs get so excited when you come home after a couple of minutes. For all, we know it may have felt like hours to them.

According to these new rules of relativity, it is heartbreaking to think of how much our dogs miss us when we go on holiday. There is, however, one solution to this heartbreak, that being to pack your dog up with you when you head to the countryside.

Imagine the long walks that could be had

There’s a lot of open space in the countryside – space that is just begging to be explored. Walks that last for hours can get rather boring, though, that is, if you do not have a four-legged friend along for the ride. But if you have your pooch with you on holiday, these walks will be transformed into something magical. With that keen canine smell, who knows the mythical things that could be uncovered.

If the experience serves to be so enthralling, you may even consider giving your pet a holiday nickname from one of the farmer dog names recommended by The website is also an extensive source of pet information, which may come in handy when you and your pet are on the trot.

It will work to relieve any lingering worries

These days money can go a long way in securing the best dog-sitters or holiday kennels. But these services cannot offer a full guarantee that your doggo will be happy and looked after the way that they are used to. These concerns are completely obliterated if you have your dog with you on holiday.

You do not need to spend time worrying if they are being fed at the right time, played with enough, and given enough cuddles. Instead, all your time can be devoted to relaxing and enjoying the beautiful surroundings.

The anxiety of the whole family could be reduced

As human beings, we are evolutionarily wired to feel comfortable and safe in our homes. Even the most adventurous of our species are not exempt from general anxiety when staying in an unfamiliar place. This is especially true for younger humans.

By taking your dog with you on holiday, you are effectively maintaining stability in the environment. Knowing that the whole family is there on holiday may aid in reducing any holiday jitters, which could be detracting from the experience.

You will not have a sulky dog on your hands

While dogs may experience time in a different way than us, this does not serve to hinder their memory in any way. Dogs have phenomenal memories and they do not take kindly to being left behind or abandoned.

They will still love you if you leave them at home, but they are not above sulking. If you do not want a sulky and unhappy pooch on your hands when you return from vacation, then you may as well take them with you. You both will be happier for it.

Having a pet sets a standard

Pictures and websites do not always tell the whole truth when it comes to accommodation. Many of us have been duped by online advertising only to show up to what can only be described as a livable hellhole – places that are pet-friendly tend to have better managing. By including a pet in your requirements, you could also be increasing your chances of finding a great holiday location.